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Halibut Schooner and Longliner Photographs

The Gulf of Alaska is ideal habitat for photographing the endangered North Pacific halibut schooner. At dwmPhotos, you'll find three dozen vessel portraits in the Halibut Schooner Gallery Index. Many vessel images were shot in Seward and Resurrection Bay on Alaska's North Gulf Coast. Many vessels pictured in the gallery are gone or retired, while others, like the FV Tordenskjold are one hundred years old and still actively longlining in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea.

West coast shipyards built halibut schooners for three decades beginning in the 1890s. The last schooner was launched in 1932. It's estimated that 150 halibut schooners once worked on the west coast, the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea. Today, less than a dozen schooners continue to longline in the North Pacific.

photography © David Wm Miller

Classic Longliner Portraits